Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back online!!!!!!!!!

Wow that was a challenge for me..... 5 weeks without the internet. I am still only using a Mobile BB stick thanks to Westnet as there are apparently NO AVAILABLE PORTS LEFT here in my area... unheard of you say??? Well that's what I thought too. But I have been waiting patiently for a port to become available for me and still none!!!!!!
So until then I am at least online for now.
I have moved into our new house and fully set up and settled. We are loving our 12.5 metre pool to the max. I think I am the most frequent user.. I just can't get enough of it to be honest. And what a difference it makes to my tolerance of the heat so much more. That's when I am at home of course.
I have missed my last Friday night scrapping crop and I am pining for it already. Miss the girls... miss my bestie Melissa but we will be scrapping again asap.
So now I feel a lot more content.... isn't it crazy... that I am back online... that I can check out the challenges, new products, more inspiration, peoples new creations and sink my teeth back into my most favorite hobbie.
Til next time...
Take care
Moonie x

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