Monday, December 22, 2014

Time to rest

Well there are only 3 more sleeps to go until Christmas Day.  I am taking it easy.  I have done all my shopping so that is the main thing out of the way for me.  As I had shoulder surgery only 4 days ago... I am now in slow mode, do not much mode and I really have no choice now but to take it easy.  I have 6 weeks off work to recover and I know I will need just that.
I had a rotar cuff and bursitis on my shoulder which was very painful in the past 5 months (I injured it 3 years ago in our caravan), so I had to get it taken care of as it was restricting me from so much in my every day life.  And like my surgeon said, if I leave it any longer it will end up tearing.  That would mean having about 4-5 months to recover.  So I was operated on 6 weeks after the first time Steve saw my ultrasound results.
Sooooo, for now.. it's steady steady for me.  I am not worried.. It will be a bit of a test for me as I am not one to go slow but at the moment  I can only do that.  Do a bit and then feel sick and need to go and lay down.  I feel sick from the pain so I guess that is what recovery is all about.  Doing just that.

I will try and spend a bit of this time catching up on Project Life. To date I am currently up to Week 48.  Thats ok.. Im happy with that.  I am looking forward to having a Christmas page.  I have some gorgeous yummies from Flutteryby Designs and I cant wait to get my hands on them and have a play.  I will post as soon as I have completed that page.

A realistic selfie of myself the day after surgery.  Very swollen arm, fingers, neck and even my poor eyes.

My best friend ever learning how to do a pony tail all over again..
It's impossible to do the most simplest of things which we just do without thinking daily.

Anyway... I am happy to just potter for now and get onto Pinterest and check out the inspiration all over the world.  So many lovely idea and so much talent out there.  And time for me to catch up on some blog reading.
Please make sure you have a very Merry Christmas with the ones who you love and chose to be with. If you cant be with the ones you love...  Im sure you will all have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing.  We have a very relaxed day coming up.  We are off to our friends place for the morning (which is actually my surgeon and his family) then Ken is on beach patrol at 11.30am so the boys will be on the beach for the part of the day.  I am really looking forward to our time together as two fun families who get on so perfectly.  Their kids are 14 and 12 and Corey is 11 nearly 12 so they are perfect together.
Cant wait to share some more work with you all.

Love and good wishes to you all
Moonie x


  1. Hope you feel better asap and wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all things good for the New Year. Looks like you have a good looker after er there

  2. So nice to see and hear that all was a success and that while it is slow, you are recovering well. Please do take the time to rest and recuperate, as we don't want you to overdo it and possibly undo the good work of Steve!! I hope you, Ken and Corey have a lovely Christmas full of fun, laughter, peace, joy and love. And may 2015 be a year of surprises, continued blessings and happiness. Take care my lovely xo

  3. Take it easy love. Hope you have a fabulous relaxing Christmas. Love ya. Moo xx

  4. Good to hear you are doing well, wishing you and the family an awesome New Year. Take it easy xxx Di