Monday, December 29, 2014

Recovery time

Hello hello.... Well Im happy that the main part of the silly season is over..... the hustle and bustle is still happening in the shopping centres and car parks are still manic but at least I don't need to go there for any reason except the odd food shop.  I am slowly dealing with my recovery.. It has been a big test for me not doing too much as I am a goer and always doing something.. My biggest struggle with my arm at the moment is hanging out the washing  as I just cannot lift my arm up above my stomach height and drying my hair with the hair dryer.. I do it on a lean while resting my arm.. It's the simple things that i get frustrated with but I am so lucky my son comes out and helps me.. he hangs and I peg with one hand.

So here if my Week 47.. Im happy to type that I am getting there.. I would have loved to have been up to date to start the new year with a clean slate.. but that is not going to happen but thats ok.  Im so not worried. At the moment I am actually just enjoying my time creating.

This page above if you have noticed I have only used black and white photos.  I was actually asked to do a 5 day Black and white photo a day challenge.. so with this I decided to create this into another challenge in my Snap it up Project Life page.  My challenge was so do the above.  A full page using just black and white photos only.. but any embellishments.. so here is my take on the challenge.. I am happy with the way it turned out.

Below is a gorgeous Cameo cut out that my beautiful sister friend Honey Bristow in New Zealand shared with me months and months ago.  I am loving using them.

I love the way my week turned out.. I have used the die cuts and popped them through my cuttlebug.  I would love a Cameo but I only have the old fashion hand held one.. lol.. I still love it and what it does.

Our gorgeous Grandaughter.. (well my husbands Granddaughter) Aliyah.  I love this delicate photo of her looking into space.  I have used a Maggie Holmes frame, a cute wee doily, Kaiser wood veneer and some pretty gold paper for that special finish.

Just a typical today photo for my black and white challenge.. I have taken this just before I have started my training for the day.  I have used this cool digi stamp WEDNESDAY.. I LOVE THEM.  just adds another element to the page.  I have stamped the word ADVENTURE onto this natural coloured ribbon.. The finish is perfect.

Below I have used this cute Teresa Collins stamp TRUE STORY which is donkeys years old.  I have held onto it as I have loved it but have not used it a lot.  But I am starting to now.  The sun mon tue die cut down the bottom is done once again in the Cameo which I was given by another kind friend Belinda x thank you my friend.

And a close up of my Week 47 card.

I am enjoying my PL at the moment.. Little by little.. I am getting there.. As I am off work for a 5 more weeks I have had a bit more time to read a few blogs and get onto Pinterest and look at the inspiration out there.. Oh man there is some of that. 
I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure you create something out of your square this week.  I try to each week.  Even if it is something little. You will be amazed at how much fun it is to do so.
Thats is for now..
Love always
Moonie x


  1. Lovely as always Lisa!! I recently did a reverse black and white challenge where I used colour photos but all my cards and embellishments were black, white and a little grey. I loved how it made the colour in the photos pop.... Glad to hear that you are recovering well but please do not overdo it and enjoy the down time....

  2. Beautiful page! Love the title card and the black and white photos. Glad to hear that you are on the mend!

  3. Gorgeous work Lisa!! You can't keep a good woman down ♥