Monday, November 3, 2014

Time out for me and my girl

Saturday I packed my bags and flew up to Townsville to stay with my girl and her new husband.  I have only seen her once this year and I cant stand not seeing her and spending time with her.. but life gets in the way.. commitments and just generally time!!! We all have our own lives to live but all of a sudden it has been months and months without seeing each other. Time just goes so fast.. and because she is 1400km north of me... it takes a little planning and time off work.
The weather is a lot warmer up here and the humidity is huge.  I am not used to it anymore.  Or should I say I dont like to deal with it anymore.. I struggle enough at home in the summer... You couldn't live up here without air conditioning.  
They had a 6mth anniversary party here Saturday night as they eloped.. so they got together their most closest friends and celebrated 6mths being married.. Kinda cute.  They had a mexican party.  Was great.. Not so great in the morning after many of them had ... lets say tooooo many Margaritas.
They got this coolest cake made.. then everyone was wearing the hat.. ate his toes one by one lol

I cant wait to share the photo shoot Danielle got after getting her hair and makeup done .. Below she has taken her hair out but it looked amazing in the photo shoot.

Weird ?? Yes indeed.. this is what Danielles Ariel Silk Rig come in.  She wanted us to lay it in for a bit of photo fun ... Okay.. so I did..
Kinda spooky me thinks lol

The girls were requested by everyone to do a performance for us all.. They were amazing..

Danielles back yard swing set... lol.  Her $3500 rig that she plays on every afternoon after school.. I mean work lol

Even the piñata got to hang about for a while until he got bashed.

Today we took the rig to the beach and the girls set it up for a bit of a practice run out in the wind. It ply took about 10 min to set up but was a lot harder to do in the wind.  Danielle managed to give herself a terrible burn on the back of her armpit and under her arm.. It is terribly bruised and is very sore.  She has so many bruises on her arms and behind her knees from the hoop and silks.  But like anyone who is passionate about something.. she keeps on going.

I love the backdrop of these photos.

We plan to go to Magnetic Island this week for a bit of sun and sand.. sadly no surf here lol.. but we will have a great rest of the week together anyway.  I am having fun editing some pics while I am away from my scrapping room.  Always find something to create.. its in my blood.
Have a great week everyone.. Cant wait to share more with you.
Til then.. 

Love and hugs from Moonie x

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