Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Breathe

I dont know about you but it is that crazy time of the year.. People seem to be getting impatient and rude and Im finding them sad to deal with.. Yes I work in retail but it doesnt give people the right to be absolutely rude and toxic to staff.  Most of my customers are great.. I love them.. but geez.. you do sadly get the odd rude ones who you would like to just kick to the curb... but instead.. I breathe in and breathe out and smile... so please.. just remember.. most people in retail At the Moment are doing a great job and it is a very busy time for everyone.. so please... just make sure you smile and be nice.. just like you would like to be treated.. it is really easy and takes no energy to do so.

I have just been away at my Daughters place in Far north Qld. It was a great little week away for both of us to be together and catch up on our special time.  
I have just 4 weeks left of my work and I am off for approx 6 weeks due to shoulder surgery.  I will not be able to do much.. but will be hopefully in less pain in months to come.  I am going in just 7 days before Christmas Day but as we are having our annual 2 weeks off at the beach here at Cotton Tree just 10km from our home.. I thought I would have the surgery while I am off on holidays anyway.  We just chill at the beach so it is perfect recovery time there.

In the above page I have used Becky Higgins Project Life Boys Rule Value Kit.  I love this kit.. There is not a lot of masculine kits out there that are still a bit fun and bright.. I bought this one as soon as I saw it.

You can find these kits @ Spotlight

Tex (Melissa Walden) and I had loads of fun this day (above) over @ Moffat Beach.  We spent 2 hours playing with our Canons.  It is the most fun way to learn your camera.  On the beach with a coffee and a great friend.. what more could you ask for.  We bounce of each other and give each other tips.. 

I had to capture my little friend Molly and her two most precious babies.. She loves and cares for these two.  They are very spoilt.  With my card I have used one of  Heidi Swapps cards and the chipboard stickers.  I love these.. The pink definitely is me all over.  And I have used a  cute little weekly stamp at the bottom of the card.

Spoilt lucky very blessed wifey.  I love this ring Ken bought me.. I have always loved the round settings in rings.. and this one is to die for.  Especially since it is silver.. I cant take it off.  Oh and I have used a gold overlay that was in the page protectors of Heidi Swapps.  These are great if you want your photo to dominate your pocket.

Big mix up of embellies and paper here.  This is what I love about creating PL.  Lots of goodies to play with and add.

Pretty much Heidi Heidi Heidi in the above card. The star is off a Simple Stories piece of paper.  I sat one day and punched them all out.  Great to add to a corner.

Not at all liking my hand writing but have to keep popping it in :-(

Below I have had a play with Heidi Swapps App.  Fun fun.. when you are sitting in the school pick up line lol

Love this girl Dee... a fun day out for just the two of us showing her around the Sunny Coast.

I have sort of lost my mojo since I have been back from my holiday.. I am only 4 weeks behind which is fantastic but I have to find some mojo.  I low its tucked away in there somewhere.. Last night I spent the evening in the air conditioning as it was a massive 38degrees yesterday printing out the previous 4 weeks.. So I will be able to sit down and just scrap. 
So til next time.. thank you for popping over and having a browse at my work.  
Lots of luv and hugs
Moonie x


  1. I have always loved seeing your photos and the creations that you make, you're a very blessed woman and have such a gorgeous family and life!
    I do envy you xx
    Much love, Tammy x

  2. I love your work Lisa you are a great inspiration to us.
    We are all blessed here on the Sunshine Coast and have a lot to be thankful for.
    I will be thinking of you during your op and recovery
    God Bless
    Love XX Di

  3. PS I know what you mean about not very nice customers, there is always that ONE who kills your day. If they could only look at the 'big picture' and take their eyes off themselves their day could be better too!
    Keep on smiling and just be your beautiful self!