Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holiday away is great to have

Well hello and its nice to be blogging again.  I have since my last blog update been back to New Zealand to see my 90 yr old Nan who is now in a home and is at the first stages of Dementia.  It breaks my heart to see her in this place even though it is clean and lovely surroundings and the staff are just fantastic and kind.... but after living happily on her own since my Grandad passed away 9 years ago... It is kinda sad that she is near the last years of her life.  She has approx 60 grandchildren ( this includes Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren).  Nana has been the best Nana ever and only stopped driving 12 months ago when she hit a truck in a main street of her home town and said.. those truck drivers are soooo dangerous... Ooopss.... gotta be more careful Nan.. The kids got her a mobile wheelie thingy and she hated it..!!!!  But when I got to see her last week she was fantastic.  She has her good and bad days. I got her on all good days which made me so happy.  I bawled my eyes out the first visit I had when I got out to the car with Mum.. It just doesnt seem fair that she is cooped up in a room now for the rest of her life... Life is so full of challenges and not always fair. At least she has lived one grand long life.  And the nice thing was that she had every bit of memory with her when I was there.. Even asked if Danielle still had her hair dark!!

Here I am with my amazing Nana Hazel @ 90 and my beautiful Mum Sue @ 69

You can see some bruising on Nana's face here... She had a nasty fall after saying goodbye to Mum a couple of weeks ago.  She did some nasty damage to the side of her face, knee and her ankle.  The bruising is nearly all gone but just yellow now.

I hope to get more photos of Nana on my next visit home xxx

We had amazing perfect NZ summer whether.. it was grand.. blue skies and perfect at night. Bliss.  I dont miss living at home but I fall in love like I can't describe when I go home to the Mount.. Mount Maunganui.  I have the most amazing, fun filled, teenage memories of spending every summer weekend and summer holidays here in the caravan park when we were from 5-16. I was blessed to have such great parents who loved the beach as much as me.  The memories are like it was yesterday when I go back.  I love going to my little spots on the beach or grass or hills that we used to hang out.  The one thing about memories is that you have them with you forever wherever you go and no one can that them away.

Mum and John have an Art Gallery at their home.. This is their awesome sign... love it

Me and my John

These signs rock!!!


Corey made sure he got a Tip Top New Zealand original ice-cream most days.. That was Mummys biggest weakness too  - but not most days lol

To die for spot...... If you ever get to travel to NZ (North Island) it is a MUST to visit Mount Maunganui.  It is seriously a mini Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast.... but very very tame.  just the prettiest place.  The caravan park is right under the Mount..  you can slightly see the caravans in the distance ....this is where we caravanned for years.  We had a permanent spot there.

My gorgeous girl Monika flew over to spend some holiday time with me and my family.  As Monika is from Poland she had not been to NZ yet.  She loved it and all its beautiful nature.


Love Mum looking so happy to have us at home.

Mum and Johns garden creations

My cousin Steve who I love with all my heart  ... has just built the most amazing home!!

Love my nieces and nephew - not to mention my cousin Tonya 

Karenza Sarich 

Sorta like me when I was a kid... wonder if she will change...?? Mmmm.. .maybe not.. I didnt lol

My family - so proud of us

My longest and oldest friend since we were 5  - went to Primary school together, lived in the same road, went to the Mount together, got into trouble together, got our first jobs together and now after living in Australia for 25 years we are still close.. so proud of Lana and her achievements in life.  She has two beautiful grown up kids and an awesome husband .

So nice to go home and see special people in your life.
Im back home, into the daily grind.. but I love my life.. what can I say.. I have all I have ever wanted.
Beautiful daughter and son, amazing supportive husband who puts up with me, a love and passion for art and beautiful friends every direction I turn around.  I love my Mum and John and I miss them everyday. x
Moonie x

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