Monday, April 14, 2014

Documenting Life

Hi there all... I have had a great month or so.  I had an amazing trip home to NZ to see family.. back to work for 10 days.. My beautiful daughter and her partner have been down for a weeks visit... and I managed to have nearly a week off.  
Hense why I havent blogged in a wee while.  I have been PL ing but had lost my mojo here for a while but is slowly picking up again.  My printer that I do my journalling on ran out of ink.  My credit card had been hacked so the bank cancelled that.  This meant I could not get any ink online and since I was so desperate for it... I went into Office works to price it.  $60 for two inks.. OMG.. and I had it in my cart online for $27.  I then proceeded to email the ebay store owner and she was happy for me to direct deposit her the $.  What a massive difference.  Then my new Epsom Picturemate printer that they replaced for me was jamming.  They forgot to tell me to uninstall the old picture mate I had and install the new one.  I fixed my problem.  So over the past two weeks with these problems I have seemed to work them out eventually.  I am still 5 weeks behind but at least I am on track and my holidays and nights off are all over and I am rearing to go again.
Below I have posted 3 of my recent completed weeks.  I have put them in no order but thanks for stopping in for a looksie.

I cannot believe my album is so fat already and I am only up to Week 11.

Practicing using my Canon Macro Lens that I have not been able to work out for 12 months.  It does help using it but I was given a couple of pointers today.  I have been determined to get it right..Always fun playing.. This is the other lens I have only Canon 600D

I love the clarity you get with this lens.. Unreal

I love to see the dimension too.

Thats all for me today..  I have had a wonderful day off.  I have been out to see a girlfriend and spent the rest of the day home with my boys, taking photos, editing, bonding with my lens and finally getting to blog again.
Love to you all and keep on scrapping x
Moons xx


  1. Love Love Love! You rock my PL world Lisa! I get so inspired when I see your gorgeous work. Now just to find the time to work on my PL album. :) xx

  2. So beautiful Lisa. I just love all of it and your photos are amazing. I love the photos of the bikes and the cards from Honey. And that photo of you with your new specs is super cute. Love your work so much xx