Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Getaway

Well we have finally got away for our 6 days away in Port Douglas.. Far North Qld.
We are here to attend the Camera House AGM but we also have a little holiday out of it as well.  Ken has been doing lots of the meetings and Corey and I have been doing it tough out by the pool and down town once a day on the local shuttle bus.
It is really quite sad though that up here in FNQ the cyclones and storms have really made an impact on the tourism (or lack of) up here.. Very sad to see so many businesses struggling.  It is really nice to be in the slow pace of life I must say though.. No one is in a rush, the bus will stop in the middle of the road for you, no abuse or road rage, everyone is very friendly which I so miss living down south.. But.... I wouldn't like up here again if you paid me.  I love the Sunny Coast.  I am so happy where I live now.  This will always be part of me up here in FNQ as I lived in Mackay for 15 years.. but I am in my element now where we have pulled up stumps.
Here are a few photos of our holiday I would like to share with you all.

 My two favorite boys 

My favorite man and I enjoying our time together

 Time to play with some brushes

His favorite books he wont stop reading lol

 Doing it tough in the pool - taken by Mr Corey Webb

Sunday markets

The new glasses that are stuck to his head lol

So tranquil here - my hubby in his glory right now

Little spunk

Doing one of his loves - creating like his Mumma

Our view at dinner time tonight... Restaurant outside on the water.

Scrumptious Thai Green Curry just as I like it last night 

I even got time to play with my camera

That's all folks... Home tomorrow and back into work Wednesday for the rest of the week :-(
So nice to get away and have some slow down time with my family.
See you all soon on the creative side 
Moonie x


  1. Hey, great photos! Loving the one of the palm trees. Bring some sunshine back with you!!! x x x

  2. Great photo's! Looks like you had a lovely relaxing time! x

  3. Love you photography Lisa! You captured some REALLY amazing shots/memories :)