Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amy Tangerine !!! Wooohoooo!!!

I cannot wait to get to meet the gorgeous Amy Tan on Thursday.  She will be making an appearance at Spotlight at Morayfield which is closest to me.  It will be pretty amazing to meet her and see what tricks she has up her sleeve.  The last super duper scrapper/designer I saw down that was was the Miss Heidi Swapp.  I love to meet these amazing people in the flesh.  She has come all the way from LA and started her journey in Melbourne.  Amy is also going to my home town.. NZ.. yes girls.. Hamilton and Auckland.. sooooo look out!!

 And just for your knowledge.... step on in to your nearest Spotlight store and get your STASH of Amy Tanerines Collection.. It is oooh laa laa and all on sale.  I can't wait to get one of her journals.  They are so cool.
Well that is all for me tonight.. Home alone while my DH and DS have gone camping in the new BIG tent they bought for me.... so I would enjoy camping with them.. But I had to work today so I told them to go without me.  We have an awesome caravan but DS wants to do some real camping he said.. But Daddy we have to get a nice comfy tent for Mummy so she can be happy too.. Bless his wee cotton socks x
Moonie x