Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All ready for a new mess !!

Well with having only 3 days to go til the closing date of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters 2012, I got it all packed up and in the overnight bag to Sydney this morning.. Good bye and good luck to mwaaa.

My husband and son will be happy that they will now once again have my full undivided attention.  I have been locking myself in my room as much as possible over the past few weeks so I can put all I have into my projects.  I love the challenge of Masters.  It can be overwhelming but at the end of the day I love to work under pressure and love the challenge.  Now the exciting part is the waiting game.  I cannot wait to see who the new clever girls are going to be.  There are so many talented ladies out there who deserve to get a placing..... and they all do different styles of work.  I love it all.  It is not all for my and my style but it is ART  and I appreciate any form or sort of art.  So Good luck ladies.
I can now get back to knitting my hoodie I started weeks ago, my crochet blanket that has been put on hold, I can make cards again and play with my family a bit more.  Its only a few weeks a year but like I said.. I love the challenge.
I am looking forward to having a family break with my DH and DS down south at the beach in a few weeks.  We go to Fingal Bay which is so special.. It is quiet, and not much to do.  We love it.  Thats what you can call a real break.  We will take our caravan and will be set up for just under two weeks.  Love it.  I will have all the day and night to do just whatever we want.  We take the push bikes, the skate board, scooter and of course the copic pens, macbook, crocheting, and the walking shoes.  I normally do the walk alone the beach each morning which takes about an hour. Its a beautiful sight first thing in the morning.. Burn off some calories so I can squeeze some in at wine o'clock LOL
Anyway that is it for me for now.
Loving life to the fullest at the moment.  Just so blessed to have a great life and I don't take a day for granted.
Love to all my friends who read my blog.  Have a fantastic week x
Moonie girl x

 My most loving boy in the world.. He loves me with all his heart.

My Danielle who I miss every single day of my life.......

 Us girls... best of friends.

My baby and I in Sydney

And of course the best Mum in the world.. you are my most best friend ever Mum 

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