Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Heroes

Ever since I can remember Corey has loved going to the Anzac Day March.  He is a very passionate boy when it comes to Anzac Day and what our diggers did for our country.  Pop... which is Corey's Pop, my DH Father served in the war and was on the front line.  Pop has all his medals but unfortunatly when Pop passed away 2 years ago, they all went to his other Grandson who served 17 years in the Navy.  We are hoping to one day get to keep one for Corey to keep as a very precious gift Corey would love to have.
I get very emotional on Anzac Day myself and cannot hold back the tears watching these folk doing the March and what they went through. Along with everyone there were many tears.  I got a few great shots of the march and put them together in a double layout for Corey's album.

Big list of product in this one so I won't put it all down.  Love the paper I have used. Perfect for the occasion I thought.
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Moonie x


  1. This is a stunning layout. I can't wait until Amelia is at school and they learn about Anzac Day. Yes, I'm soooo disappointed that I didn't catch up with you at the expo last weekend! Hope you had a fabulous time! xxxx

  2. What a great layout, not only the style, but the story in particular. I must admit to tearing up at the march also.

  3. What a fantastic double Lisa! Such great pics and you've done a fabulous job scrapping it to perfection. xx

  4. This is a fabulous page Lisa and a double to boot! I love hearing about children who really understand the special meaning behind Anzac day etc. it is so important that the next generation remember and commemorate the sacrifices made.