Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time to slow down

Well we have sold our shops and I am now not working.... well giving myself some time off for now anyway. I am loving not working but I am still busy but doing so much that I want to do. It is a great feeling when you wake up in the morning and have so much you want to fit into your day... and work is not in the picture. Bliss for now and I am so appreciating every single day I have to myself like this. I have started to paint again, I am spending more time cooking, being at home, walking and just feeling relaxed. I decided last night to pack my bags with my young one and take off up North for a week or two. We are going to see my baby girl who is now 20. I miss her like I cannot explain. I hold so much of it in my heart and try not to dwell on it but I do find myself when I am on my own just feeling the tears uncontrollably pour out of my eyes. "This is Life... but not as we know it". I keep telling myself she is happy and I am so happy for her but it is such a natural thing for a mother of such a special girl to miss one so terribly. She and I are so close and I know we haven't lost any of that.. we just don't get to feel it every day like we did when she was still at home with me. Some people are happy when their kids leave home... but she could stay til she was 37!! I told her so :-)

So DS and I are heading up for our 10 hour drive north tomorrow and will get to her on the weekend. First stop will be back in my home town of Mackay where I will see all the best girls in the world. Miss them so bad. Cannot wait to have the day and night with my BFF Mandy Moo..! Not sure how long we will be.. I am on no time limit.. except I have promised DS we will be back for something special that he is excited about at school. I have homework for 2 weeks packed from the teacher so we are set. I am happy to have all my Masters submissions ready in the pizza box to be sent to Silverwater NSW. I am happy with what I have created.. although I can always do better. But I have enjoyed the challenge. Good luck to all you other girls out there that are submitting your work too . I will not be bored on my holiday as I have the car packed and in my little beep beep I have 2 canvases and paints and brushes, my laptop, my copic pens, stamps and paper and lots of photos to edit when I have some time to do nothing. I am planning on having a relaxing holiday, not shopping, but doing all I can for my girl in her new little house and just spending quality time with DS at the beach, park, water slide etc. I cannot wait. Til next time.... I will be sticky beaking through all of your blogs over the next few days.. xx Happy days girls Moonie xxx


  1. Aww Lisa I know how much you miss your girl, being a mum to an adult child is really tough ... your heart aches because you miss them but you're happy that they're happy.

    I'm sure you'll have the most wonderful time, laugh lots and bring back loads of photos and special memories of your big girl and little fella. Safe travels xx

  2. Nice jobs.

    I invite you on my new blog.
    The perfect gift.

  3. Drive safe and have a wonderful relaxing holidays with your wonderful children!