Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My quilt

When Danielle was 4 I made her a quilt with my heart and soul. I put so much time and money and effort and sweat and tears into it that she hardly got to touch it LOL
I must admit it was really my quilt for the past 15 years. I took it everywhere, used it on my bed in the winter, took it in the caravan etc.. and when she left home last year... I quickly ran inside and got HER lol quilt and said... Dont forget YOUR quilt.. She gazed at me like I was a nut.
She took it but months later when I went to visit her, it was still in her car and I had obviously taken the HER quilt out of it as it become MY quilt.. phew......
you with me...
but when she did take it initially I cried and cried my heart out that she just left me :-( but the one thing I had in my head to do was to do another quilt to remind me of when she left home at 19. I looked for months and months for fabric that I knew I wanted but it was all so old and cottagey looking.. I walked into this shop in Hervey Bay and my knees nearly gave way. Corey instantly said..." OMG you are going to be at least 2 hours aren't you Mummy".
And yep I was a while.. but bought exactly what I had in my head.
So it has taken me another 7 months to get a start on it.. between life, working, scrapping and designing etc... I just had to say.. Just do it. So here is my front. I have the binding all put together and have the inner batting. Just have to get the backing for it. I am going to use the white floral print for the back. A bit more mellow.
Cannot wait for it to be finished to I can roll around on the floor in it.
I hope to see a lot of you in 3 days at the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane. So looking forward to having 3 days in a motel with my girlfriend. Just the two of us.
See you there I hope. Look out for my work that will be at the Daisy's Scrapbooks stand. Kits are available.
Love to all
Moonie x

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