Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is a layout I have been wanting to do for such a long time but has been hard for me to scrap. Although I lost my Dad 5 years ago tragically to a Stroke and Mum and Dad were divorced, they were still the bestest ever friends and soo looked out for each other for all the years after their marriage. Mum has remarried and Dad and John get on like brothers.. It may sound weird to some people.. but I wonder why.. what is wrong with two or three people liking each other as friends just because their marriage didn't work. I have been blessed to have my parents love each other for all their lives.. All our family get togethers involved Mum and Dad and John and all of us..
Anyway this photo was taken in Feb 1964. My Mum was 20 and Dad 22. Mum made her own dress and veil all by herself. So clever.. I must say I get my creative talent from Mum.. She has taught me so much and now I am even teaching her things.. It's just awesome.
Loved using my cuttlebug to make my flowers... I have also bought this gorgeous Water colour Iridescent Medium. You just paint on lightly to paper, flowers... anything to give it that extra BLING look that I soo can't get enough of. This one I have is made by Winsor & Newton. $12 for a good 75ml bottle which will last me my scrapping years ... umm maybe not.
Thats all for tonight. I have the next 3 days off so I am soo happy about that. Nothing better than hanging around home doing what I want to do.
Night night


  1. That's so nice that they all were friends. Bet it made it so much easier for you. LOVE the page!!!