Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have been too busy to enjoy my little life that I love... sometimes a spanner is thrown in the works it is hard... I hate it.. but this is life...
We have opened up or new Camera House store and I am working two full days a week in there. I do enjoy it but I have been working at our bigger store full days to get to know all of what I have to learn faster as this is a much busier shop. I tell you.. I have not worked in retail for 5 years and man... people are such .. umm what is a nice way to put such arrogant, impatient, nasty people... mmm well you get my message. People are so sadly rude and want everything yesterday and are not willing to wait one more minute to be served. If it is not happening for them right there and then, they get angry and it is so sad to see. And it is not the young ones that are like this.
I notice this while I am driving on the road also. People are in such a hurry and have no patience.
Anyway, enough of that, I have so missed my scrapping life and the feeling of being content.. I know it is a matter of time and this will pass and I will be happy working these two days.. but for now I'm not. I will be looking forward to scrapping at Daisys on Friday night again with my girls who I miss a lot.
Will be going for a browse tonight through some of your blogs x
Love always
Moonie x


  1. I hear ya on the rude people!!! I get it on my website often and you are right it isn't the young ones either!!!
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog
    Did you see the news about the alsyum seekers at the hotel LOL how funny and here was Heidi telling us to tell the security guards to piss off PML we thought it might have been someone famous.
    Lovely to meet you Saturday :)

  2. Yeh sadly patience is so lacking in our everyday lives, I sometimes say to Jan count how many people you can see that are smiling, we don't see a lot..Too busy to smile, wow, so glad I have my scrapping and such a happy life. Congratulations on openning another store and joining the workforce again, this is something I will be doing in 18mths, good luck. Love Melxx

  3. i'm soon to be back in the workforce in retail after five years too, and i think i'm a little scared after reading what you just wrote! good on you for having the guts to get out there like you are, too- it's inspiring :)