Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls get together!

I am constantly hearing lots of negative comments about the internet.. people online so much more these days, Facebook etc. Now I will agree to a certain point. I do find the younger generation are on it no matter what and I do fear that they lose their interest to get outside and do the active things in life.... as this is often forgotten when everything is right at your fingertips.
But I do have to say that since I have been scrapping which is 5 years now, I have met some amazing girls. It is so nice to become friends when you have such a massive passion in common. I did meet a girl a while back. We are a clone of each other and the best thing was that we both just looove to scrap. It makes your friendship so healthy and exciting when you each share the dedication and involvement that you have put into a layout.
I have also met a gorgeous girl online. We have been chatting since we met(online) and that has been about 5 months now. We were on the same Design Team but even though I stopped designing for them now Tarrah and I still are in regular contact. Only a few weeks ago we decided we wanted to meet one another so she booked her flights to come up and stay for a good long scrapbooking weekend. She living in Central NSW. We are very excited about meeting. I have also got another couple of gorgeous girls who I met about 3 months ago in Brisbane. They also talk to Tarrah online so we are all going to get together at my house and have a great girly weekend.
I will take Tarrah to my LSS Daisy Chain Scrapbooks here in Nambour and scrap til we drop on the Friday night. Off to the beach, lunch, coffee, sqeeeeeeze in a bit of shopping Saturday morning and then down to the serious scrapping Saturday just after lunch til late ours of the Sunday morning.
I have a huge house and plenty of room for we will have a blast.
Girly time is the best!!!!


  1. Wow this sounds like a dream scrapping time and I am so envious of you, have a blast dear friend.

  2. Oh you are just so gorgeous!! Thank you for blogging about me babe. I will return the favour!! Our weekend is going to be OH so much fun...I can't wait!!! I am looking forward to every single minute of it!!!! Loves ya xx

  3. woo hoo so cant wait to come and so excited

  4. I am SOOOOOO jealous you 2!!! Have fun and take lots of photos. And Lisa...I agree, i've met some gorgeous girls online - through various forums/blogs etc (you included!!)...