Friday, July 31, 2015

Airport wifi

Today I am flying home to see my family.. Mum and Dad in NZ.. I am totally amazed at the unreal service they now have to keep up with technology.  I am sitting in a very cool cafe/bar and at each table and booth along the walls .. there is a double power plug..  OMG it is the best.  I was getting worried as I was running out of batter on my phone.  I thought I was super organised and I pu the car charger out of my car into Kens car so we could travel with it.  But in the mean time I forgot the actual phone charger which belongs in my bedroom. Grrrrr...... so I bit the bullet and bought another for a small $45 !!
I have been in here for about 2 hours.  I looked at my itinerary incorrectly and I had Ken drop me off 5 hours before my flight.. oh well.. time to think and rest and catch my breath.  
So here today I would like to share with you one of my pages.  I am 6 weeks behind but Im not caring about that fact.  I will just cruise along.

Did I say how much I love this man??

And this girl of mine.  I know it's life.. but it is so hard to comprehend that life flys by us so fast.  One minute she is my little blonde ringlet girl.. and now she is all grown up .... dark hair gorgeous, happy and married living 1200km north of me.  Kinda sucks I think.  But as long as she is happy I am the happiest Mummy for her.  Can you believe she is doing a revamp on these gorgeous eye brows?  Yep.. she laughs at me as I have skinnier blonde ones.. she grows hers out.. and has them very dark. But she is amazing at creating makeup so it all goes doesn't it. Bit like you need the glue for the paper.

A big mix of papers and embellishments and stamps above.  This is part of one of my Monthly Project Life kits.  If you are interested in purchasing one just PM me through Facebook.  Everything that you see is included in the kit.  Except the page protector.

Take care everyone and I will be back with you very soon xx

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