Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flutterby Designs new release - NOTE TO SELF

If you dont already know ..... I design for Anita over @ Flutterby Designs.  This online store has a tone of delicious flairs, wood veneers, Project Life cards, tabs, you name it she has got it.  All in amazing fun colours and quotes to suit any card or scrapbooking layout you desire.
Last week I excitedly and impatiently waited by the letter box for 2 days waiting for my stash of the new Collection NOTE TO SELF.   It arrived in perfect time for my Project Life retreat I held for a handful of my friends here on the coast.
This was me waiting happily.....

Until the postie just tooted at me and waved.... I wanted to knock him off his happy scooter lol.  I then had to wait another 24 hours for my goodies.

 But then today I wanted to cuddle the postie .... lol

Anyone here seeing these photos would think I had bipolar lol.... But I really dont.  Just that my moods change depending on the mail man.

Go here and check out the gorgeous new wood veneer words.. they are amazing and I just looooove the I <3 be="" font="" going="" im="" in="" life="" next="" one="" or="" project="" so.="" soo="" the="" this="" to="" too.="" using="" week="">

Below and on a few cards I have used the yummy tabs.  Flutterbys do many gorgeous little PAGE TABS to add to any page or pocket.  They are the perfect little embelli.  The LOVE OUR LIFE circle is actually from a Flutterbys card but my head was thinking just this part of the circle was just perfect for the title of this card of me and my two little beauties.  My life wouldn't be the same not having them in it.

On this little pocket below I have used my stamps willy nilly.. I love my stamps.. I love using them and creating my own little card.  I have also adhered Flutterbys WOOD VENEER CIRCLES. The are so cute and are a nice different element on the page. You will find them here.

This is another little NOTE TO SELF card I have used.. Perfect for the self pocket or if you are doing a page on someone else special which is always nice to do and add into your album.  The cute EVERYDAY WOOD VENEER is a Thin Maple Wood veneer and they are so easy to use.  Thin as card stock and adhere perfectly with double sided tape.

The pocket below I have once again cut out the I AM ENOUGH quote from Flutterbys NOTE TO SELF.  I love it.  I have also added the chevron flair and one of my favorite tabs on the left hand side.

This is definitely one of my favorite NOTE TO SELF CARDS... It is just perfect for all of us out there!!!  I have just added a little floral paper which I put through my cuttlebug using the little girl die.  I think its all kinda cute.

So make sure you pop on over to Flutterbys and see their massive selection of stunning embellishments.. You will have fun shopping.  And expect your happy mail in only a few days.

Night night to you all.
Just finished work so I am going to get some well needed beauty sleep.
Love you all
Moonie x

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