Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feeling amazing

Well on this lovely note on this fine (well dull rainy but relaxing Thursday) I would like to jot down that I had a cortisone injection in my shoulder after such a nasty 8 weeks of trying to recover after surgery.. and it has freed me up something amazing.. I am so so happy that I listened to my body and went to my surgeon. I have got a nasty thing called frozen shoulder.. this can unfortunately happen after surgery. I have not been able to move my shoulder or do my rehab exercises due to it freezing up. Steve gave me one nasty needle Monday morning then he asked me to lift my arm as I did 3 minutes earlier. I felt like a free bird. My face lifted andy he sadness and pain left me. I have been great since Monday and I am feeling like a new woman. I think I am ready to go back to work.. on light duties.. I am so grateful I feel like my normal Moonie again. Pain is shocking.. I feel for anyone suffering from any sort of pain. Last night I went over to my lovely friends place in the stunning Glasshouse Mountains.. Kirsty Blinston is an amazing Mummy to Five and it doesnt stop there. She is one person who every single day amazes me. Kirsty took up traditional Project Life last year after seeing how I do my pages.. BUT... she also does it digi too. Yes.. she has 2 albums.. Her digi work is to die for and amazing.. You will find her work quiet outstanding.. so much to see. Last night we brain stormed for about 4 hours and Kirsty gave my blog a new make over. Im so happy with it. Was indeed time for a change. A new look is always nice and fresh. Our son went to camp on Monday morning.. He is not the one to rush off and cant wait to get away from us. He is quite the opposite to be precise. He was sobbing quietly on my shoulder about not wanting to go. I know it is a separation thing for him.. but I also know that he loves it when he is there and we are out of sight. The night before my DH suggested we take off in the camper van just the two of us as we never ever get time out on our own. During the day if I have the day off but over night and two nights??? It's just unheard of. So DH packed up the camper van the morning I took Corey to school. We didn't tell him we we were going.. that would have blown it for sure.. We took off to this lovely remote part of the Hinterland. A place called Mount Tamborine. It was a lovely quiet caravan park in the bush and just a little township. The weather was perfect and the time out for us was delightful. We didn't do much except be together and go for a few bush walks, photos, tried to perfect my new selfie stick I got for Christmas, had lunch and organic coffee, and a scrumptious piece of steak and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and zucchini on the BBQ for dinner. Asleep at 8.30pm. Bliss.
I had a bit of fun playing with my camera while I had the whole bush to myself.
I love that I was able to catch the sunlight in the background.


This was a vintage furniture store.. All I could say was OMG... LOL

My beautiful friend who sat with us every evening while I was having a drink.

In at the Botanical Gardens.

3 metres from our camper van.


Ken in his glory setting up camp for us both.. He loves to look after me out here as I am not the biggest camper.. I do glamping.. not camping lol

I have my few home comforts.

Now I am back at home I am excited to get back into my Project Life weeks. I am up to Week 3 and need to do my title page for twenty 15.' Anyway that's it for now.. I will post some photos of my coming weeks soon x Love and hugs Moonie x


  1. Love your make over ;) And 2 nights away just hubby and you sounds divine!! So happy to hear your shoulder is finally feeling better! Make sure you keep looking after yourself xx

    1. Yes thank you luv.. feels so so good to feel so normal again.. not sure how long it will last but I am taking it on board while I am good.. Off to work on Wednesday.. after nine weeks off. x

  2. Aren't those cortisne injections wonderful, Id almost give anything for my surgeon to let me have another one and be pain your blog and looking forward to seeing your pages, I could so do camping the way you do it....

  3. Great make over Lisa!!! I need to get Kirsty to work her magic on mine.... I am so glad that you are feeling so much better and have a new sense of wellbeing - certainly helped by your weekend away with Ken. Can't wait to see your title page...

  4. You even sound like the old "Moonie"! Welcome back (pain free).

  5. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.