Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on Project Life.. Weeks 2, 3 & part of 4

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the journal cards that I have.  I do not have a massive stash as I can't cope with lots and lots of products.. but I think at this stage I have too many. Are you like this too?  I do quite often add a photo to just paper and not always a card.  I find I like to embellish the paper and add a journal card now and then.  Not that that stops me from buying.. But like I said I am not a guts ache.. I just keep an eye out on the nicest journal cards or paper that I could  use with the cards.

This page protector above has a 6x8 insert in it so it was a great opportunity of adding in a few photos of the day my cousin and niece and best friend and her kids come to see me. 

I have added in one 4 x 12 insert also as we were on holiday and I have a few more photos I wanted to document.  They can be dead easy these ones.. I dont tend to embellish these.. just add in my photos.

Here I am holding the Close to my Heart Flip Flap insert.  This one is a 6x6. 

So that is it for me for this week.. I am up to the right hand side of Week 4.  
I might get behind and not feel like scrapping some nights and get more behind.. but when I look over my album I feel great that I have documented such awesome fun memories of our lives.
Off to check out some blogs.
Moonie x


  1. Love that camera quote! Saving that one for future use :)

  2. far out Lisa, these are awesome. You go girl!!!!!