Sunday, December 8, 2013

Update on life

I know we are all busy at the moment.. crazy time of our lives.. the shopping centres are full to the rim, people getting angry in car parks and in shops.. impatient and intolerant of each other.. but please remember to be kind to the person standing next to you or whip is serving you as they are no doubt feeling just like you too.  I see so many cranky rude people and it is really quiet easy to be quiet and polite.  After a long day the other day and we finally got a decent dose of rain… I walked into our home and my husband and son had poured me a warm magnesium salt bath with candle and a iced cold beverage for me to sip on while chilling out..
Bless their cotton socks as we haven't had rain for so long and we are very water conscious as we are on tank water.. so when I got home it was pure bliss for this Mumma.

This week was my sons last week of school.. He is in Year 6 next year.  Time goes so fast I find it hard to keep up.  Hard to believe its only 3 weeks til Christmas Day. He and Daddy have gone away for a week in their camper van.. They have gone out bush as they love the off road camping.  I am still working hard as it is our busiest time in retail right now.

I cannot believe that at the beginning of the year the shoes I bought him were size 6.  In September I bought him another pair but this time they were a huge size 9.  I nearly died.  He is only 10 and he is growing like a green bean.  On the other hand he is still wearing the same school shorts and school shirts that we bought him 3 years ago.     He is looking forward to new uniforms for 2014 LOL

I have been frantically making Christmas cards these past few weeks.  I have been commissioned to make 40 for one person and another 20 for another.  I am going to make some pretty baubles too tomorrow night.. well that is the plan.  Then off to Brisbane for a night and two days with my BFF.  Tuesday night we are all meeting up (my other BFF) in Brisbane for a birthday dinner for me. I turn another year younger on Tuesday.  Whats another number right?? As long as we all have a great time together and we always do so I am pretty exited.
So til next time.. keep happy and I hope you are all prepared and ready for Christmas.  If you are not yet.. you still have 3 weeks to go.
Take care
Moonie xxxx

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  1. Wishing you an absolutely wonderful day tomorrow, you lovely person x