Thursday, August 22, 2013

24/7 Simple Stories

Wow it has been just about a month since I have blogged and honestly I cannot believe how time and life is soo busy.. Drives me insane..  
I have recently just had my daughter here for 5 days.  She and 6 other girls from Townsville flew down to compete in the Tough Mudda race.. It was a gross hard slog 23km of blood, sweat and tears... not to mention the sunburn.. of climbing walls, monkey bars, through cages of water under ground.... etc.. so not my cup of tea but about 25,000 competitors took park in this here on the Sunshine Coast last weekend.. The biggest challenge of Tough Mudda world wide so far.
I managed to get some awesome shots in this 5 hours being a spectator.
The girls contemplating crawling through the Electric Eel.. if you touch the wires crawling under them they will give you a little electric shock.  Nasty.

Trying to avoid touching the wires that zap you.

My tough liddle Mudda 

5.15am before they started

Danielle climbing up the wall.. what a massive attempt. Everyone was so encouraging.

I have been busy as usual trying to get up to date with my Project Life but life actually just keeps getting in the way.. I am always busy and never really a spare moment to stop.  But last night I put together a layout I have been wanting to do for a while.  I miss doing my 12x12's so had fun creating last night of my little niece Indiana.

Well that's it for me tonight.. I have just done a split shift at work and Im dearly looking forward to jumping in my nice big fat bed.
Have a great weekend everyone.. off to Daisys to create with my girls tomorrow night. Cant wait x
Til then
Moonie x

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