Monday, July 30, 2012

Way out West

Long over due for a girly weekend away.  Sadly my friend Monika couldn't end up coming due to stupid virus and head cold.. We went out to Warwick to a great girls place who often comes to our retreats @ Daisy Chain Scrapbooks.  Kim is a great girl and has an amazingly cute family.
There were 5 of us.  Lisa Hayes and I drove out the Esk way and belly laughed all the way.  We stopped off at Esk to this gorgeous quaint Qlder house which was a really neat cafe.  We had home made cauliflower and bacon soup.  To die for.
We arrived there on Friday and had the best weekend.  I did not do one layout but created about 15 cards.  So I have caught up on my card stash for now.

From back left is Lisa Hayes (AKA Moooo), Me (AKA Moonie), Kimmeeeee herself, then in the front left is Alaine and then Sheree.

We had way too much food, enjoyed a few drinks at night, ate dinner late cause we could, went to the local markets on Sunday morning.

Here is the cute cafe which is a Qlder home where we had lunch in Esk... Mmmmm
Apparently they have the best ever coffee too.

The beautiful church I fell in love with.  Soo pretty in real life.

Nice to get away.. but so nice to get home.  I miss my hubby so much when I go away... and my son... well he is just the best... I had dinner cooked for me when I got home and a nice hot bath ready..
Thats all for me right now.
Off to finish my Masters work x


  1. Sounds like it was all fabulous Lisa... love your cards... and all the beautiful photos... especially the last one of you...

    Jenny x

  2. I am glad you had a great time honey. We all need to escape with our girl friends every now and then
    Your cards are gorgeous honey
    D xx

  3. sounds like you ahd a fabulous glad , am looking forward to seeing your masters projects Lisa!

  4. Love your gorgeous cards Lisa! Sounds like you had a great time. xx