Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camera House AGM 2012

Each year Camera House pick a random part of the world to have their 1/2 yearly AGM.  Next year it is..... SHANGHAI, CHINA
I am pretty excited as the three of us will be traveling over there for 10 or so days.  It will be my first visit to China and I have only heard great things about it over here.  Corey is a fantastic traveler and enjoys trying the different foods that are available in other countries.  He eats curries that are too hot for me so he will be right.
Off to Sydney in 4 weeks for the Camera House AGM.  We go here every year at this time of the year and we really look forward to the 5 days in Darling Harbour.  Mind you ... we are always so happy and grateful to get back here to the coast where we live and go swimming in the surf and play with the sand.  I couldn't live in a city.  I would hate it.  Love the freedom being near the beach.
Take care
Moonie x

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