Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Back.... :-)

Well it has been a hectic week I can say that.
My husband and I and son have just spent 5 days in Darling Harbour Sydney for our Camera House AGM. We attended the Gala Dinner and won the most honourable award for "Camera House of the Year" Australia Wide. Being in the industry for just 18 months we were absolutely stoked. We have fantastic staff who are extremely dedicated and we treat them like family and they treat us the same. This always seems to work!! And my husband gives all he has to give to any business he gets involved in. So woooohoooo for him!!
So nice to back on track. But only for a week or so and then I will be having a wee spell for a couple of days or so as we have sold our house and are moving to our new pad this weekend.. so my week has not slowed down just because we are home... Can't wait to be moved in and settled again..
Will keep you posted.
Hope you all have a great week
Moonie xx

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