Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well I am happy it is now Saturday and we are off to the beach til Monday now to chill out and take in some fresh air.
Corey my best boy in the world has had what I thought were growing pains. He is only 6 and is a very active and extremely healthy happy boy. His pains were getting worse to the extreme that he could not even manage to walk. I have been lifting him to his spot and toilet etc so i thought this is not right. Took him to the Doctor yesterday and the Doctor has said he has acute Arthritis and has already lost muscle mass on his knee and has a bit of swelling in the shin. He was taken for xrays and blood tests straight away. Thank God the xrays look very positive but there are a couple of concerns so he is off for an ultra sound on Monday morning. He is not a happy boy and is chronic pain then he is ok. He is on crutches but is so terrible to see the sadness in his eyes as he keeps saying "I hate having a sore leg Mumma". He has basically nothing since Wednesday. He is used to going to the beach most days after school for a body surf, play footy in the back yard with Dad or cricket or tennis up against the wall of the house. Just makes you reaslise how lucky we are with good health and makes you feel sooo much for the poor parents and children out there that are not as fortunate as us all out there running around out there not realising just how lucky we all are xxx
Off to the beach so I have to go and pack some food and board games

Have a great weekend everyone
Moonie xx

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  1. Oh the poor little mite. I emailed you the other day, I hope you got it. I'd been thinking of you and wondering how you went at the doctor's. I'm so sorry Corey has arthritis, now painful for him and his Mama! I hope that the ultrasound gives you more insight into what's going on. Will he be put on medication to help with the pain. So sorry you're going through this.......I feel for you.